Passeport pour ma réussite Program

Passeport pour ma réussite is an academic perseverance program that supports students once they get to high school and until they receive their high school diploma or vocational diploma. Implemented by Pathways to Education Canada, this program is run in 20 communities across the country in collaboration with host non-profit organizations like Toujours ensemble.

In 2007, Toujours ensemble had the privilege of becoming the first organization to host the program in Quebec. Since then, nearly 1,000 students have benefited and continue to benefit from multiple supports, and over 250 of there students have received their high school or vocational diploma.

The program territory include the following primary schools: Lévis-Sauvé, Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes, Chanoine-Joseph-Théorêt, Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs and Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix.

For more information, contact Maude Lagacé, Program Coordinator, at 514-761-7867, ext. 216 or

General objectives

Increase the graduation rate

Increase access to post-secondary studies.

WThe Passeport pour ma réussite Program stands out from other academic perseverance programs through its four supports -one-on-one, academic, social and financial- to meet students’ different needs and give them an environment that fosters their academic success.

Mentoring support

Each Student Parent Support Worker (SPSW) is responsible for about 50 students with whom they have to meet at least once a month or more depending on need.

  • Motivate and support students and make them accountable
  • Conduct a needs analysis and create an action plan
  • Act as a liaison between the family, school, and community.

Academic support (tutoring)

Through this support, students receive help with their assigments and work on their academic weaknesses targeted by the SPSW.

  • 2 madatory one-hour sessions per week
  • 80  volunteers help students with homework, assignments, and studies
  • The program staff team supports volunteers, ensures quality, and supervises the services.

Social support (mentoring)

This support fosters the development of self-esteem and social skills. The group activities offered includ cooking, sports, bike repair workshops (Toujours en vélo), art, board games, introduction to digital photography, blogging, discussion nights, movies, and riddles with Énigmatik.

  • Average of 21 hours per year
  • Career mentoring is also provided to Secondary 4 and 5 students.

Financial support

The financial support reduces the financial barriers to academic success.

  • Funding for part of the cost of school uniforms, school supplies, educational materials ans food assistance (school cafeteria meal cards or tokens)
  • Scholarships for post-secondary studies or vocational training.


Since the launch of the Passeport pour ma réussite Program in 2007, Toujours ensemble has helped over 250 Verdun students get their high school diploma. 


Assessment is a key element of the program. Pathways to Education Canada works with many partners, including Toujours ensemble, to constantly improve the program activities.