Parcours Program

Parcours is a recreation-based intervention program for youths aged 9 to 17. The goal is to provide young people with an active and inviting space that helps them develop their full potential. Every year, hundreds of youths come to share, discuss, have fun, and learn.

Program goal

Provide young people with a welcoming and active environment that lets them socialize and develop their creativity, independence and sense of responsibility.

Parcours offers a place where they can take part in many free and supervised activities

Free activities

The ground floor, or “the floor,” is where Parcours students play board games, ping-pong, foosball, and tabletop shuffleboard or just hang out on the couches.

Monday to Friday – 3:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Supervised activities

Staff lead group workshops to allow our young people to learn and explore (for example: cooking, science, art, computers and sports.)

Monday to Friday

4:00 p.m. to 5:15 p.m.

Two outdoor camps

Participants can spend three days and two nights at an affordable outdoor during the Thanksgiving holiday and spring break.

Outings, activities or special projects

A special low-cost outing (e.g. horseback riding) is organized every month.

TE also runs occasional special activities for families, such as the haunted house, traditional TE Christmas dinner, or sugar shack.

Our activities also include special youth projects sush as the talent show gala and circus workshops.

An annual one-week trip

12 youths are invited to go on a week-long trip during the last week of June after the end of the school year. They also help organize fundraising events and plan the trip.

A Homework assistance

TE youth worker and volunteers are available to help young people with their homework and lessons and answer their questions. Students can consult different tools such as dictionaries and reference books.

Monday to Thursday

3:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

The Parcours Program also has…

Above all, Parcours

Has staff who listen

Provides a safe and welcoming space that our students affectionately call their second home

Typical schedule

3 p.m. : Arrival of young people and transition period: welcome, snack, free games and homework help
3:45 p.m. : Presentation of the supervised activities offered
4 p.m. : Beginning of supervised activities (eg drama, visual arts, sport, IT)
5.15 p.m. : End of activities, homework help and departure of young people
5:30 p.m. : TE closes

Ahmed's Parcours Experience

After school, I walk to TE with my friend Caroline. I drop off my school bag, say hi to Chloe and Joey (the youth workers who run the free activities), and chat with my friends over a snack. I then go up to the second floor, where Sylvie is waiting to help me with my homework.

At 4:00 p.m., I go downstairs to listen to Joey explain the activities. Today, we can choose between building a dream catcher in the art room, making birthday cards on the computer, or staying on the “floor” to do free activities under Chloé’s supervision. I decide to go back upstairs for the computer workshop led by Yannick.

At 5:15 p.m., Yannick tells everyone the activity is over. We put everything away, and I go back down to the “floor” to pick up my school bag before walking home. I’m so excited! Tomorrow is our end-of-month activity: we’re going to see an exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts with Audrey and Charlotte! I can’t wait to go downtown and take the metro with my friends.

On Monday, I’ll be back at TE. We have a meeting about our annual trip. This year, we’re going to spend a week in Boston. I’m a bit nervous because I don’t know the city and don’t really speak English. Marie-Josée, who is coming with us, is organizing fun activities to help us learn English words. I can’t wait to organize everything with my friends and sell chocolate to pay for part of my trip!

I’m especially excited because I’m going with Sophie, my new friend I met at Camp Mariste. At the camp, we got to sleep in a cabin. It was so much fun! We went kayaking, walked in the woods, made campfires, and ate marshmallows. Janique told us a story that was a bit scary, but I wasn’t scared for long because I knew I was safe.

A video that says it all!


I love board games because I get to play with other kids. I really like special activities like sword fighting; it’s so fun! At Parcours, I can see my friends outside of school, and it’s a place just for me. I’m really happy when we can go down to the basement to play pool and the Wii. I often build Legos, and I love showing what I make to the adults who work at Parcours.

I love coming to TE because I learn new games and grow my knowledge. TE keeps me busy and helps me so much with my homework. I have fun with the educators. I love arts and crafts as well as the activities that get us moving.


For more information, contact:

Parcours Program Team
514-761-7867, extension 322

The membership fees are $25 per child per child per school year.

To register:

Registrations are done in person at the Carolyn Hayes Renaud Center with the team.

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