Parcours Program

The Parcours Program has many services adapted to youth and their families. Whether they attend a summer program, receive school lunches, get homework assistance or take part in a recreational activity, our members come here to grow, express themselves and meet their peers.

General objectives

Contribute to the academic perseverance and success of youth

Help improve the living environment of these young people and their families

Work to improve social and economic factors for both them and their families.

Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities allow us to work with youth in a recreational setting. More than just a way to pass the time, these activities are an opportunity for them to learn, interact with others, and demonstrate their creativity.

When the school bell rings at the end of the day, Te participants always have a place where they can go and where they can feel accepted. This program is a great opportunity for them to discover new interests and meet other young people while they enjoy different activities.

Performing arts, cooking, sports, fine art, science, teen nights and various games are just a sample of the many workshops that Te offers.

In addition to our regular activities, Toujours ensemble organized affordable outings for its participants during the school year.

Homework assistance

A homework assistance service is available every day to help youth keep up with their studies.

  • They can use one of 10 computers
  • They can access a library with 1,700 books and references.


Academic success takes a lot of ingredients: a calm and inviting environment for homework; the right materials, books and technology; and, above all, support and assistance to stay organized and understand the assignments. This is what our team strives to provide. The homework assistance program also allows our team to aid and support parents throughout their child’s demanding and very important academic journey.