On Monday February 13, Toujours ensemble and hundreds of organizations from all over Quebec gathered at Verdun’s Beurling Academy High School to celebrate the launch of Hooked on School Days (HSD). Since 2004, this initiative aims to highlight the importance of getting involved with young people and supporting them in their efforts to succeed.

At Toujours ensemble, helping kids stay in school is a top priority. The team organized several activities throughout the week, like giving students a personalized card with words of encouragement, signed by their counsellor, to celebrate their efforts. They also created a mural that allows youth to express their dreams, motivations, and challenges.

The team at Toujours ensemble knows that persevering can represent a different path for different people, each with their unique challenges and motivations.

“I am motivated to work in the field of student support for several reasons. As a Student-Parent Resource Worker (SPRW), my goal is to contribute to the success of youth who will be the citizens of tomorrow. As the saying goes, it is easier to build a strong child than to fix a broken adult. Therefore, devoting quality time to youth, empathizing with them, understanding their experiences and helping them build on their strengths and areas for improvement is a good start to effectively meet their needs, keep them motivated academically, and help them become the best version of themselves.” – Dounia Slaoui, from Pathways to Education program at Toujours ensemble.

As Marilou Joly, also a PSRW for Pathways to Education program in Verdun, so aptly put it: “Persevering is about youth empowerment and creating space for them to dream. “