Keeping young people in school is our core mission, and we use a variety of tools to meet their needs.

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Every year, our programs guide and support young people and help them thrive, succeed in school, and grow up healthy.


We are currently looking for volunteers for our Passeport pour ma réussite Program.

Toujours ensemble

is a nonprofit organization that provides academic, financial and social support for youth from disadvantaged areas in the Montreal borough of Verdun.

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Youths at the Parcours Program

Youths at the Sac à dos Program

Youths at the Passeport pour ma réussite Program

Meals served to 79 youths


of girls


of boys


of high school students


are enrolled in the Passeport pour ma réussite program

Toujours ensemble proud partner in the  Passeport pour ma réussite program.

In partnership with Pathways to Education Canada and with Verdun schools and families, Toujours ensemble – through the Passeport pour ma réussite Program – is committed to supporting students in getting their high school diploma or vocational certificate.

Mentoring support

Each Student Parent Support Worker (SPSW) is responsible for about 50 students with whom they have to meet at least once a month or more depending on need.

Academic support

Through this support, students receive help with their assignments and work on their academic weaknesses.

Social support

This support fosters the development of self-esteem and social skills.

Financial support

The financial support reduces the financial barriers to academic success.

Toujours ensemble: Adopt a student – Christmas baskets – Monthly donation

Annually, we need close to $2 million to provide all of our services and activities. We are actively looking for generous partners who can help us with our ongoing work to effectively meet the community’s needs. Together, we make a difference!

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Membership fees are $25 per child per school year. A registration form must be filled out and signed by the child and a parent or guardian.  The organization is open for youth from Monday to Friday, from 3:00 to 5:30 pm and from 7:00 to 8:30 pm.