There are so many fun activities to do and now is time to be creative. In this article, you will find many ideas for leisure and educational activities to do with your family: games, reading, fun sites for studying at home and information to protect yourself.

We miss you very much and hope to see you soon. Until then, take care of yourself, your family, your friends and your neighbors.

Sports and leisure activities

Creative and sport


  • Hangman, Scattergories or Taboo, where the objective of the game is to have your partners guess the word on their card without using certain words.
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:30 p.m., a family quiz is held by Randolph on Facebook live.
  • Les impros et activités de théâtrede Sac à dos (improv and theatre).


Revision time

  • The government website offers thousands of resources to learn, create, have fun and move, just like you do at school.
  • The Alloprof website offers online courses, a forum and helpful tips for learning online.
  • Passe-Temps editions offer reproducible school materials.
  • A directory of educational sites for elementary school students lasouris.
  • Videos about basic notions of French explained by humorist André Sauvé.
  • A list of online resources for learning at home from the marginale et heureuse
  • School-based learning with La classe de Mallory along with her science sheets ses fiches de science (the site is made by a teacher from France for the 4th, 5th and 6th years of primary school).

Protect yourself

Explaining the transmission of germs to young people with avec des paillettes
Proper hand-washing tips Comment se laver les mains
Why confinement is essential Pourquoi le confinement ⬇️⬇️⬇️