Programs and support measures for families


Given the social and economic context of our neighbourhood, Toujours ensemble organizes activities that are accessible to all young people. Our programs let them pursue their dreams and thrive as they grow into adults who actively participate in the social and economic lives of their community.

Keeping young people in school is our core mission, and we use a variety of tools to meet their needs. We call this our “tool box”, and the goal is to encourage students to persevere and work hard so that their academic careers are positive and focused on success.

This toolbox includes programs, resources and activities for youth.

When it comes to intervention, Toujours ensemble focuses on a community-based approach and a social-ecological model.
A community-based approach addresses the interpersonal, economic and social factors that affect youth development. We also consider academic factors as a key component of our intervention work. (Dufort and LeBossé 2003)

Programme Parcours

Provide community youth with quality leisure and recreational activities at a low cost and develop their academic perseverance.

Programme Sac à dos

Contribute to the academic success of youth

Programme Passeport pour ma réussite

Increase the graduation rate and access to post-secondary studies.