Mission, objectives et values


Help young people who are facing academic, family, economic or social challenges. Open our doors so that they can participate in educational and recreational activities that help them maximize their full potential.

By building a secure, structured and supportive environment, Toujours ensemble provides young people with an opportunity to make important connections and gain a sens of belonging.


Support young people’s personal, social and educational development

Encourage academic perseverance

Academic perseverance :
an approach that needs a community solution


Toujours ensemble’s main goal is to develop an integrated approach with parents, schools and other charitable community organizations to give youth a positive experience that encourages them to stay on track to reach their goals and realize their dreams.

We want to ensure that youth in our neighborhood persevere  and meet their academic and professional goals so that, as adults, they have the tools they need to be economically and socially active in their commuities.








Social involvement