Socioeconomic profile of Verdun

Located in the Wellington-De L’Église sector of Verdun, Toujours ensemble meets the varied needs of a particularly underprivileged clientele in Greater Montreal that experiences a high degree of social, academic, family and cultural problems.

SNAPSHOT of the territory*

Stable population: 66,000 people live in the borough

A borough made up of three sectors with high sociodemographic contrasts : 

  • The Wellington-De L’Église sector is known particularly for the vulnerability of its residents.

Low incomes are more common in Wellington-De L’Église than Verdun as a whole, especially among youth :

  • 25% of people in Verdun and MOntreal have a low income, whereas this rate reaches 32% in Wellington-De L’Église.
  • Chez Among people under 18, the percentage rises to 41% in Wellington-De L’Église and 31% in Verdun, compared to 28% in Montreal.

Single parents are very common across Verdun, particularly in the Wellington-De L’Église sector :

  • 39% of families with children in Verdun and 46% in the Wellington sector are single parent families (33% for the Island of Montreal). Wellington-De L’Église has one of the highest rates of single parents on the Island of Montreal.

Some facts


Youth (0 à 14 ans) / 15.2% on the Island of Montreal


Families with children / 62.8% on the Island of Montreal


People 15 and older without a diploma or degree (low education level)/ 18.9% on the Island of Montreal


New immigrants / 8.3% on the Island of Montreal


Immigrants / 33.2% on the Island of Montreal

*Source : 2014 Verdun Territorial Analysis, Centraide of Greater Montreal. Sociodemographic and economic data : 2011 Census, National Household Survey, and the Québec Survey of Child Development in Kindergarten (QSCDK), 2012


Our members

  • Girls 55% 55%
  • Boys 45% 45%
  • Elementary students 38% 38%
  • High school students 62% 62%
  • High school students are enrolled in the Passeport pour ma réussite program 91% 91%
  • Youth don’t speak French at home 29% 29%
  • Youth live in the Wellington-De L’Église neighborhood 73% 73%
  • Youth live in the Desmarchais-Crawford neighborhood 20% 20%
  • Youth live outside of Verdun 7% 7%

Cultural background

  • Residents report being of sole Canadian or Quebec descent 60% 60%
  • Report being of mixed descent (Canadian or other) or of foreign descent 40% 40%
  • Youth are born in Canada 75% 75%
  • Youth are born outside of Canada 25% 25%


of our members born outside of Canada come from

34 different countries