Our Campaign

An essential commitment!


Our viability and the success we’ve had with youth would not be possible without the support of our donors and partners. Our goal is to provide youth with tools and advice to help them develop their full potential. Discover the different campaigns that you can support!

Together, we make a difference!

Christmas Campaign

Toujours ensemble (Te) works one of the poorest communities in Montreal. With this campaign, we allow near 800 people to enjoy to the fullest the holiday season.

Your donation directly contributes to the well-being of families in Verdun. Every gesture counts!

2018 Christmas campaign report


A record Year! 


THANK YOU to our generous donors and partners! Because of you, 1,103 people like Marie-France, spent the holidays the way they should be enjoyed!

“I’m writing to thank you for the basket full of Christmas goodies and the two gift cards. Thanks to you, I won’t be constantly reminded during the holidays of all the festive things I can’t afford.”

Generous Christmas Baskets

166 families (520 people) received a Christmas basket with vegetables and meat.

Thanks to the generostiy of Ms. Carolyn Hayes Renaud, grocery gift cards were also given out to these families.

Family Sponsorships

48 sponsored families (195 people) received a basket of food and personalized gifts. 

Thank you to our sponsors! 

Gifts for All!

310 children (Toujours ensemble youths and their siblings) received gifts.

Thank you!

Dynamic and Committed Volunteers! 

48 sponsored families (195 people) received a basket of food and personalized gifts. 

Thank you! 

The Gazette Christmas Fund

Thanks to The Gazette Christmas Fund, 20 families (57 people) each received a cheque of $125. 

Sun Life Financial Charity Christmas Tree Party

21 children (Toujours ensemble youths and their siblings) attended the Sun Life Financial Christmas Tree Party.

How can you help?

Sponsoring Te families


Sponsor a Te family by offering a personalized Christmas. The sponsorship is a unique project that allows us to better meet the needs of our members. And it’s simple!

At your convenience, you have two options. In both cases, Toujours ensemble is responsible for the food.

  • Make a donation and Toujours ensemble will buy and wrap the gifts.
  • Donate for food and you are responsible for buing and wrapping gifts.

After the match with a family, you will receive, by email, the following information about your family: exact number of children and adults, age, sex, interests, clothing sizes and specific needs of the children.

A tax receipt for the purchase of gifts can be issued. You will need to send us the original receipts. 

It costs between $150 and $350 to sponsor a family depending her size. 

Donate money


Please give generously to support our Christmas Campaign.

You can make a donation online or by cheque, made out toToujours ensemble, at the following address: Toujours ensemble, att. Véronique Beaulac, 4926, Verdun Street, Verdun (Quebec) H4G 1N3.

Gift to a youth


You can offer a newly bought gift to a youth under the age of 17.

To do so, you can get a Chrstmas ball at Mémé Tartine bakery (460, Verdun Street, Verdun, QC, H4G 1M6) and you will find on it the name and the age of the child. You buy a gift, you wrap it and you bring it back to Mémé Tartine bakery. Your gift will be given to a child during Christmas time. The Christmas ball will be available at beginning of December.



If you wish to make a donation for one of these initiatives by cheque, please make it out to Toujours ensemble at the following address:

Toujours ensemble

Att. Véronique Beaulac

4926 Verdun Street, Verdun (Québec) H4G 1N3

If you need more information, please contact Véronique Beaulac at 514-761-7867, ext. 013 or at veronique.beaulac@toujoursensemble.org.

Please note that we do not accept used toys, used or new clothes of food in small quantities. If you wish to make this kind of donation, please contact Réseau Entraide Verdun at 514-762-0705.

Adopt a Student campaign

Investing in the community by keeping young people in school!

We are seeking your generosity for a donation of $2,500 that would give a student a chance to enjoy one year of services and activities, such as structured workshops, homework help, ludic activities and sport as well as field trips.

With your donation, the student will be able to:


  • Concentrate and succeed better at school
  • Develop self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Forge friendships
  • Make discoveries and broaden his/her horizons
  • Develop their full potential