The Board of Directors created working committees responsible for specific areas. Each Board member must sit on at least one committee per year.

The committees are composed 0f member of the Board, employees and external professionals.

Finance Committee

The goal of the Finance Committee is to advise the Board on tax issue, financial planning, audits, investments and funding to ensure the right mechanisms are in place to protect the organization’s assets.

Development Committee

The Development Committee helps the organization innovate in its approach and reach its fundraising goals. Its members seek out donations from companies, foundations and individuals who support our mission.

Human Resources Committee

The Human Resources Committee ensures that the enviromnent and working conditions at Te are conducive to employee well-being. The committee also works to improve human resources management and clarify our administrative policies and procedures.

Identity Committee

The goal of the Identity Committee is to develop and reaffirm the commitment of stakeholders (donors, the community, employees and families/youth) and to help other committees and teams meet their objectives by providing communications tools that represent the organization.

Programs Committee

The goal of the Programs Committee is to oversee all the organization’s programs and to ensure their proper functioning.

Parents Committee

This committee of six parents from the Passeport pour ma réussite Program was created to develop their sens of involvement and belonging. This committee allows Te to better understand their needs while providing a platform for everyone to share their knowledge, experience and expertise.